Solution Manuals

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A Solution Manual is exactly what it says. Its the answers to all the questions in your text book, but usually broken down into more understandable steps.
When used correctly students are able to leave no stone unturned when answering homework problems and revising for exams. This will usually lead to students having a better understanding of the course, and enable them to go into exams confident they can tackle any problem.
The solution manual contain thousands of model problems and their solution helping the examinee in understanding the question patterns and the solutions which are likely to be asked in the upcoming exams they are preparing for. Different subject have different solution manuals. The solution manual is also helpful to the students in completing the home assignments provided in the classrooms. Solution manuals are distinctly classified in order to facilitate the students according to the field of study. Electronics, Computers, Engineering, mechanical, mathematics, science, and all subjects of study have a separate solution manual for them.


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